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Yoga With a View

A sensational setting for a “Yoga With a View” Session


Breathe in – stretch. Breathe out – lunge. Now open your eyes, raise your arms and embrace the cityscape that surrounds you. Yoga classes take on a new dimension at Novotel New York Times Square. High above the city on our terrace, improve muscle tone and flexibility under the guidance of our instructor, Eva.

Classes are held on Tuesdays mornings. Space is limited to 15 people per session, so don’t hesitate to book your yoga mat today.

If you are staying with us, make sure to claim your promo code by our Concierge desk or by our Lobby desk to attend the “Yoga with a View” lesson for Free!

If there is no more free posts, make sure to apply the code: “Supernova20” to get 20% off on your class!

Elevate Movement Therapy is not only a workout but a spiritual experience. It focuses on realigning the body, mind and soul. The workout will help you release muscle tension and tightness while getting you stronger, leaner and more flexible.

This class is for you if you:

·         have upper back tension, lower back pain

·         sit all day long, hunched over

·         have a lot of stress in your life

·         want to move your body with kindness and still get a good workout

·         want to feel uplifted and energized by the end of your workout


We wish you clear skies and mesmerizing views on your journey towards inner peace. Finding it should be easy at Novotel. So, come and join Eva at the SuperNova, on the biggest terrace overlooking Time Square for a refreshing morning workout on Tuesday mornings at 7:30 am.


What is Elevate Movement Therapy?


Eva Nagy combines her 30 years of experience as an athlete, ten years as a fitness trainer and five years as a yogi in her teachings and classes. She created Elevate Movement Therapy bringing all her knowledge and experience together. The class is a bridge between Eastern philosophy and our Western lifestyle. Her approach is all about loving and honoring the body and its healing ability. The class is a perfect mixture of strength, balance, and relaxation. If you have any questions about the class email:


About our partner, Eva Nagy


Eva is a Soul Coach and Elevate Movement Therapy Practitioner. Her 30 years of fitness experience as a professional athlete and training women over 10 years gave her an understanding of what it takes to get in shape, and feel good about our bodies. Her mission is to help women say YES to themselves. She guides them to let go of self-judgment and empower them to live on their own terms, loving and embracing their bodies and who they are no matter what.

Eva is the founder of “Embrace Your Body & Soul Online Courses©,” the Author of “Weight Loss Through the Soul” and creator of “Elevate Movement Therapy©.” Discover about her teaching style here.

Offer Terms & Conditions

Please note this yoga class is provided by a third-party provider (our parnter teacher, Eva Nagy). You will need to provide additional information regarding your physical conditon and sign a waiver before being able to attend the event.


This class is for you if you:

– Have upper back tension, lower back pain

– Sit all day long, hunched over

– Have a lot of stress in your life

– Want to move your body with kindness and still get a good workout

– Want to feel uplifted and energized by the end of your workout

Please bring your mat, water, and towel. No showers are available.

If you are staying at the hotel, make sure to request your discount code to enjoy free lesson!

Hotel guests will be provided with yoga mats.

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